Miscellaneous Menu Information
“UNDER 10 years & OVER 55 years MENU” No substitutions or changes can be made

1 Pancake or French Toast, 1 Egg, 1 Bacon or  Sausage     Happy Face Pancake
Frosted  Flakes & Cup of Sliced BananaEgg, 1 Bacon or 1 Sausage, Potatoes,Toast
Fresh Bananas & Strawberries Vanilla Yogurt or Frozen Yogurt
Rohan’s ½ Grilled Cheese & Potatoes    ½ P.B & J  Sandwich & Banana/Grape Cup

Side OrdersBeverages
Fresh Cut Fruit - Bowl  or Cup       Fresh Ground Coffee  
One or Two Eggs   Hot Chocolate & Whipped Cream
Toast, English Muffin, Raisin ToastHot Tea 
Biscuit - Fresh & Homemade at Pete’sIced Tea
Biscuits (2) & Gravy    Milk (SoyMilk &Non Fat Milk Also Available)
Turkey Sausage (4 patties)     Chocolate Milk w/whipped Cream
Side of Avocado   Soda
Bacon (4slices)Lemonade
Sausage  ( 4 links)
Cottage CheeseJuices
Italian Sausage     Fresh Squeezed   Orange Juice
Fresh Corned Beef & Potato  HashApple Juice
Carved Ham Steak     Cranberry Juice Blend
Fresh Sliced Tomatoes     Grapefruit Juice
Potatoes   Tomato Juice